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Teacher Handbook

Various Tips
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  • Do not use your browsers back and forward buttons while using Centre. Most of the time these will just take you back to the home screen, or possibly log you out.
  • Do not use your browsers print button. When you want to print, click the printer icon at the bottom of the page. On the next screen, click the printer at the top of the main window frame.

By clicking this icon, you can export the data below it to Microsoft Excel.

  • If at anytime while searching for a student you would like to see the entire class, just leave everything blank and click search.
  • You can export data to Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program by using the icon.
Working with Students

As you work in Centre, you may notice a students name in the left menu. This allows you to switch between programs and still see the same student’s data. So when you are finished working with one student, you can click the shown next to that students name to stop working with that student.


After you login you will see a screen similar to this.

School Selection: If you teach at multiple schools, you can select which one you would like to work in.

Year Selection: Depending on your schools setup, you may have access to future or past school years. You can use this drop-down menu to choose the appropriate year. By default, it is set to the current school year.

Marking Period Selection: If you would like to work in a different marking period, you can choose one using this drop-down menu.

Class Selection: All of your classes are listed in this drop down box. Remember that whatever program that you are working in, that program will be in the selected class.

Programs: On the left, you will see different program titles that you can choose from depending on the type information that you want, and what you have access to. More specific information on each of the programs is below.

School Setup

This contains different general school related information. All of this information is read-only School Information This contains general information about the school that you have selected. Here you will find your schools website, address, and phone number. All information is read-only.

Marking Periods

Marking Periods will list all of the dates of your school Years, Semesters, Quarters, and Progress Periods. You can also see when grade posting begins and ends for a certain marking period. Calendar The calendar shows all of the events that your schools administrators have put in. By default, it shows the current month. If you would like to view the month’s events in a list view, click “List Events” next to the month and year drop-down menus.

Days that are shaded green are full days. Blue shaded days are partial days. Red shaded days are non-school days.

The calendar will also display all of the assignments that you have put in the gradebook on their due dates. Roll your cursor over the assignment for more information.


This program will give your students demographic and medical information, as well as reports to print about your students.

Student Info

From this screen, you will use tabs to access student information. Please note: Depending on the settings of your school, you may not have access to all of this information.

Addresses & Contacts

On this screen, you will see your student’s addresses on the left. You can have as many or as few addresses as needed. After clicking on an address you can view the contacts at that address. Then you can click on a contact to see more information on a specific contact.


These are the medical records of the selected student.


This is a large text box that is shared between all of the teachers in the school. You can use this to leave any comments about that student.


Please note that all of these reports will only be of your students, and not the entire school.

Advanced Report

Using this report, you can build your own custom report about your students.

Print Student Labels

You can use this report to print simple labels that contains the students name, and if you select, the room number and the teacher.

Print Letters

If you need to send out a mass amount of letters, you can use this report. There are set variables so that you can make one letter and centre will create 120 if you need it, all with different information. The variables are on the screen below the text box.


Here you can view information about parents, as well as set your preferences.

General Info

You can view your general information, as well as parents of students in the class. Schedule

This is only accessible for teachers. This will show your entire day’s schedule.


Here you can set all of your preferences. Tab Description of Setting Display Options Changes the look and feel of Centre for you when you login. Student Listing These settings change how the student listing looks Password You can change your password here. Student Fields You can change what you see at the search box. Widgets These boxes can be checked for more advanced student searching


This program will display all the information about your students scheduling. Here you can not only view an individual students schedule, you can also print your class lists.


This will display and individual student’s current schedule. If you would like to see the courses that your student has dropped, you can check the check-box next to “Include Inactive Courses”

Print Schedule

Here you can print a mass amount of schedules for a selection of students. You can change the date at the top of the screen to see courses that a student has as of a current date.

Print Class Lists

Here you can print an entire list of students in any one of your classes.

Print Class Pictures

You can view the pictures of everyone in your class.


As a teacher, you will probably spend most of your time on Centre in the Grades program.

Input Final Grades

This program allows you to submit final grades to be printed on report cards or progress reports. You can manually enter grades or take grades from your gradebook.

To take grades from your gradebook, open the final grades for the marking period that you want to enter final grades for. Then at the top of the screen, click “Get Gradebook Grades”. This will pull the gradebook grade for every student. Remember to click save when you are finished.

Report Cards

Here you can view students report cards. First find the student by searching. Then select the marking periods as well as any other data to include on the report card. Then click the button on the top to continue.


Here you can put in grades for assignments, but you have to add the assignment first. To add an assignment, click on assignments on the menu.

After you have added the assignment, you can enter or change grades by selecting the assignment from the 2nd Pull-down menu. You may enter a value over the point value. To excuse a student, enter a * in the field, and it will not be used in the calculations of that students grade.

To view grade by student, open up the grades screen and click on the students name. You will see the student’s grades for all the assignments of the selected quarter. You can filter by category by clicking the tabs.

To see grades in a spreadsheet view, select “All” from both drop-down menus.

You can include inactive students or inactive assignments by clicking on the correct checkbox on the top of the screen. If you include inactive students, any assignment that was due while a student was inactive in a course will not accept a grade. There will be no field for that particular assignment for that student.


You can add all of the assignments for your gradebook here. To get started, check the edit check-box at the top of the screen. Then you can add categories to organize your assignments. You can also assign weights to each category. Click “Configuration” on the menu and check the “Weight Grades” checkbox. You will now be able to specify a percentage for the weight of the category.

After adding categories, you can add assignments to those categories. You can enter a title, points, assigned date, and due date. You can check the “all” box if you would like to add this assignment to every period of this class that you have. For example if you teach US History 5th and 7th period, you can check the all box and this assignment would be added to both.

You can also type a description for the assignment.

Anomalous Grades

Provides teaches with a report of anomalous gradebook grades which include negative, missing, excused, and >100% grades. The report is linked to the gradebook so teachers can conveniently access the suspect grade.

Progress Reports

Here you can generate progress reports for students. Start by searching for the student. Use the checkboxes on the top to choose what you want to include. Then check the boxes next to each student that you want to print a report for.


All of your gradebook settings are cofigured here. Depending on how each course is set-up, you can change grading scales, weights, grade rounding, and other settings. If your administrators have set your class up to allow teacher grading scales, you would set your grading scale here.

Report Card Grades

These are your grading scale(s) that the school has setup.

Report Card Comments

You can view all of the comments that the school has entered that you can use on report cards.


The Attendance program will help you track the attendance of your students.

Take Attendance

This is where you can take your daily attendance. You can change previous days attendance by changing the date at the top. Your school might have setup a “window period” to which you can edit attendance. This means that you can only go back so far to edit attendance.

To change a student’s attendance code, find the student, then click the correct radio button under the correct code for that student. If you want to, you may also include a comment.

Attendance Chart

This is a chart view of a selected student’s attendance during a selected time frame. If you want to just see one student’s attendance, click on their name. If you want to change the time frame, you can do so by changing the dates at the top.

Absence Summary

This will give a more detailed report of a student’s absences. It will include teacher and office codes as well as comments from both.


Enter Eligibility

Your school may have limitations on when you can enter eligibility. Check with your district staff for these time limits.

You can get eligibility from your gradebook by clicking “Use gradebook grades” at the top of the screen. This will determine where to place your student for eligibility for you. Remember to click save.

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