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Student Handbook

Notes about This Manual * Some information was covered for privacy * Some of the information in this manual will not be used for every school, depending on your school’s setup.


What is Centre? Centre is a web based application that allows students, parents, teachers, and administrators to access and store data securely and easily.

What if I don’t have a login, or I can’t login? Contact your school district for assistance.

How do I exit Centre? You can logout of Centre at any time by clicking the “Logout” link at the bottom of the screen.

Various Tips

* Do not use your browsers back and forward buttons while using Centre. Most of the time these will just take you back to the home screen, or possibly log you out. * Do not use your browsers print button. When you want to print, click the printer icon at the bottom of the page. On the next screen, click the printer at the top of the main window frame. * You can export data into Microsoft Excel by clicking the button.


After you login you will see a screen similar to this.

Depending on how your school has set up the system, you may have access to previous or future years. You would use the School Year Selection drop-down menu to select a different school year. By default, it is set to the current year.

To see a past or future Marking period, you can select a different marking period by using the 2nd drop-down menu.

On the left, you will see different program titles that you can choose from depending on the type information that you want. More specific information on each of the programs is below.

School Setup

This contains different general school related information. All of this information is read-only School Information This contains general information about the school that you are enrolled in.


The calendar shows all of the events that your school has put in. By default, it shows the current month. If you would like to view the month’s events in a list view, click “List Events” next to the month and year drop-down menus.

All of the days that are green are full school days. All days that are red are non-school days. Partial days will appear in blue.

The calendar will also list all the assignments on their due date. You can click on the assignment for more information.


This program will give your demographic and medical information. Student Info From this screen, you will use tabs to access information. Please note: Depending on your schools settings you may not have access to all of this information.

Addresses & Contacts

On this screen, you will see your addresses on the left. You can have as many or as few addresses as needed. After clicking on an address you can view the contacts at that address. Then you can click on a contact to see more information on a specific contact.


Here are all of your medical records. You can view immunizations, medical alerts, physicals, and other medical information.


This program will display all the information about your schedule and requests. If you would like to print anything, please remember to see “Various Tips” to see how to print.


When you open this up, it will show your current schedule. If you would like to see courses that you have dropped, click “Include Inactive Courses”.

Class Pictures

You can view the pictures of everyone in your classes when you use this program. First click any of the three check-boxes at the top, if they are applicable. Then select the periods that you want the pictures of.

Student Requests

All of your requested classes can be viewed here.


As a student, you will probably spend most of your time at this program. Most of the information that you want to see is here.

Gradebook Grades

This will show you a more detailed view of your current grade. You can click the class title for the assignments in one class.

Then you can put your mouse over the title of an assignment for more information on that assignment, including assigned and due date.

Centre SIS is a “real-time” application. Data can be displayed as soon as it becomes available. You can refresh your browser to make data appear if you need it.

Final Grades

The information here will show the grades that your teachers have submitted. First you will have to select what information that you would like to see. Select any check-boxes at the top that you would like. Then select the marking periods that you would like at the bottom. Then click “Create Grade Lists for Selected Students” at the bottom. It will generate a table of grades, and other information that you selected for you to view.

Report Cards

This is similar to “Final Grades”. Instead of giving you the information in table view, it will give it to you in a report format, and in a more detailed view. This is better if you would like to print out the information.


With this, you can print your own transcripts. Before clicking the button at the bottom, remember to check the check-boxes of the marking period that you would like to include on your transcript. Your transcript will include grades that you have received in past courses.

GPA/Class Rank

GPA / Class Rank is a report that shows the unweighted GPA, weighted GPA, and class rank of yourself.


The Attendance program will display all of your attendance data.


This will give all of your absences and comments that were entered in both the office and by your teacher. This display all of your attendance except present. You can change the dates by changing the drop-down menus near the top of the screen.

Daily Summary

Your attendance codes for the selected date range will be displayed in table format. You can change the dates by changing the drop-down menus near the top of the screen.


These grades are submitted weekly by your teacher.

Student Screen

Your eligibility grades for the current time frame are displayed here.

Student List

This is a printable report of your eligibility for the current time frame.

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